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What makes us UnCommon?!
"You have to be odd to be #1" Dr. Seuss

The Uncommon Music Group was established to give local musicians a platform to create, record, perform and promote their music projects locally and internationally. UMG is based in Columbus Georgia home of the Ma’ Rainy and the Blues!. UMG artist range from classically trained to home grown pickers. With this diverse mixtures of styles and subcultures comes a unique and “UnCommon” sound. The UnCommon Music Group will make its debut on January 13th 2016 with the release of “What Time Is It?” from the music group “UnCommon”

  • January 4th "Never Mine" Single Release

    Indie R&B Artist Mandi Ellis

  • January 13th "Pleasure Director" Music Video Release

    Indie R&B Artist Kev Williams

  • February 14th "Just Kevin"

    A look at the behind the scenes with R&B Artist Kevin Williams

The UnCommon Music Group

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