UMG artist range from classically trained to home grown pickers. With this diverse mixtures of styles and subcultures comes a unique and “UnCommon” sound.


What Time is itUnCommon is the brainchild of Steven Thompson. Steven, a long time drummer for several artist to include Neal Lucas, Lloyd Buchanan, Mike Jerel among others decided to put the sticks down and pick up the bass. The UnCommon Brand was born. After several jam sessions and what would now be called “auditions”, Steven locked in with his drummer Martell Hughes and began the building process. Heavily influenced by Micheal League of Snarky Puppy, Steven wanted to build a brand such as the groundUP organization but with his own flavor. After playing a previous drum gig with guitarist Jason Ezzell, Steven reached out to him to see if he was interested in “something weird, strange but a lot of fun”. He agreed! The foundation was now set.

Once this trio found their groove, guitarist Miguel Juarez was introduced to the ensemble. The final building block to the UnCommon Family was set when Gavin Anderson, Trombonist for the US Army band was added. Since the formation of the original band, UnCommon has added Ian Crabb Guitaris and Vocalist for Dagger One and his Brother Eric Crab Drummer/percussionist  for Dagger One. Look forward to some interesting time signatures, chord arrangements, and music that will please your musical pallet!

Dagger One

Dagger One 1Dagger One is a Rock group based in Columbus, GA. D1  draws inspiration from a variety of genres including classic rock, jam bands, funk, and blues to mention a few. With an energetic stage presence and up beat original music, Dagger One continues to push themselves to provides a dynamic live experience that will hold your interest and keep you movin’ and grooving.

The members of Dagger One features brothers Ian and Eric Crabb (Guitarist/drummer), Steve Thompson (bassist) and Miguel Juarez (guitarist). Dagger Ones’  name was chosen to honor the heroic efforts of  Ian’s and Eric’s grandfather who’s Air Force squadron bared the same name. This talented group of musicians with diverse musical backgrounds creates a unique blend of Chicago style jazz/blues (Steven’s home town) with the gritty feel of the rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s, a hallmark in the Crabb home. When you infuse the two distinctly different styles together mixed with the cultural influences that Philippine’s native Miguel Juarez brings to the table causes for a unique blend of musical utopia.  Dagger One is set released their first EP in April of 2015 and is currently recording their first full length album. In a world full of plastic pop and posers, Dagger One provides a unique, refreshing alternative to the average live performance.

Zac August

16 year old singer/songwriter Zac August is ready to make his debut on the Columbus, Georgia Music Scene. A native of Midland, Georgia, this young artist has been writing music from an early age. Mixing influences of alternative, soft rock folk and R&B, Zac brings a different approach and unique sound with every note. As early as age 11, Zac began experimenting with simple, catchy rhythms combined with lyrics well beyond his years.

In the spring of 2015 his parents took his music career to the next level by gifting him with a recording session at the local studio. It was then that Zac’s love for song writing and performing would solidify. After a year of coaching and mentoring from the Uncommon Music Group Team, Zac is ready to debut his first EP entitled “Life Smiles” in the spring of 2016.