UnCommon is the brainchild of Steven Thompson. Steven, a long time drummer for several artist to include Neal Lucas, Lloyd Buchanan, Mike Jerel among others decided to put the sticks down and pick up the bass. The UnCommon Brand was born. After several jam sessions and what would now be called “auditions”, Steven locked in[…]

Kev Williams

Kevin Williams, “Kev”, is an American singer and songwriter raised in San Bernardino, Ca. Despite his unstable living environment, surrounded by drugs, violence and lack of role models, Kev found his escape from reality through music. As a teen, he and his mother moved to a suburban neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia which exposed Kev to[…]

Zach August

16 year old singer/songwriter Zac August is ready to make his debut on the Columbus, Georgia Music Scene. A native of Midland, Georgia, this young artist has been writing music from an early age. Mixing influences of alternative, soft rock folk and R&B, Zac brings a different approach and unique sound with every note. As[…]