Zach August

16 year old singer/songwriter Zac August is ready to make his debut on the Columbus, Georgia Music Scene. A native of Midland, Georgia, this young artist has been writing music from an early age. Mixing influences of alternative, soft rock folk and R&B, Zac brings a different approach and unique sound with every note. As early as age 11, Zac began experimenting with simple, catchy rhythms combined with lyrics well beyond his years.

In the spring of 2015 his parents took his music career to the next level by gifting him with a recording session at the local studio. It was then that Zac’s love for song writing and performing would solidify. After a year of coaching and mentoring from the Uncommon Music Group Team, Zac is ready to debut his first EP entitled “Life Smiles” in the spring of 2016.




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