Kev Williams

Kevin Williams, “Kev”, is an American singer and songwriter raised in San Bernardino, Ca. Despite his unstable living environment, surrounded by drugs, violence and lack of role models, Kev found his escape from reality through music. As a teen, he and his mother moved to a suburban neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia which exposed Kev to a more positive outlook on life. Kev has been singing since the age of 8. His musical insperations stem from artist like – Boy’s ll Men, The Jackson 5,  and Babyface to name a few. He found inspiration not only in the sound but the stories the songs told. When asked why music, he responded “It’s in my blood”

In 2001 Kev joined the US Army where his vocal talents a music to reach a larger audience. Unfortunately, Operation Iraqi Freedom halted that endeavor. During one of his overseas tours, he managed to build a recording studio and began working with Detroit based rapper “Sunny Cartel”. This collaberation lead him to California based rapper “Joe Jack the Mogul” were Kev wrote and performed “Ms. Can’t Get Enough” along with Joe. Racing against time in fear of another tour in Iraq and little interest from record labels, Kev went out on his own. Under the name “Lil Will” and with the support of loyal followers Kev produced and financed his own tour. But it wasn’t long before our country needed Kev’s services once again. Not allowing the pressures of war to overcome him, Kev continued to work on his craft.

Now with the Army behind him, Kev has a new project, “Pleasure Director” co-produced and performed with his cousin Kiandra Thompson. Through all of his ups and downs in life, Kev decided to go with Love. A love letter to his first love, music. No matter where he was in the world, music was always there.


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